Klopfenstein To Supreme Court In Homicide Defense

This case, is a case involving my client who worked as a foreman for a large ranch in King City, California.  He went out to check the ranch and while doing that he drank over 20 beers.  When he returned home he found his wife with another man.

Becoming jealous he threatened the man with his 9mm revolver.  They struggled and the revolver went off, hitting his 9-year-old son in the temple.  Killing him instantly.  Now enraged, he turned his gun on his wife and her lover.  He shot them both over 12 times.  He then gathered his 3 remaining children, gave them a hug and kissed them and went to Mexico for 20 years.  He assumed a new identity.  Remarried and had a new family.

He returned to his little home town in Mexico where he was identified and captured by the Federalies.  He was extradited back to San Jose, California and met by the District Attorney of Monterey investigators.  On the drive back down from San Jose to Salinas, California the investigators interrogated my client and secured a complete confession without giving him his Miranda rights in Spanish.

The Miranda issue was litigated and now we have taken the issue to the court of appeals and all the way to the California Supreme Court.