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As the #MeToo movement has been gathering steam across the world, more and more people are coming out with reports of workplace sexual harassment. While the sense of solidarity that it fosters is enough to come out and share your personal accounts of sexual harassment online, stronger measures ought to be taken to bring the offenders in line. Legal recourse must be sought. Legal condemnation must attempt to make a sexual offender accountable for his/her actions. They must not be let off the hook easy. Do you have a personal #MeToo story too? Well then, act on it. Approach our Law Office of John Klopfenstein at Salinas, CA 93901 and help us bring you justice.

Allow Us To Update You On What Qualifies As Sexual Harassment At Work

Sexual harassment can be faced by men and women equally. So if you’re a man who has faced any untoward sexual advances or inappropriate sexual conduct in your workplace, you are just as legally viable to take legal recourse against your sexual offender as a woman. Sexual harassment at the workplace can interfere with your work performance and create a hostile work environment for you. It is a grave offense and has state and federal laws in place to protect vulnerable employees.

So what qualifies as sexual harassment in your workplace?

Inappropriate touching, cracking offensive sexually colored jokes and sharing intimate offensive material among co-workers can be flagged as sexual harassment at work. There are broadly two categories that fall under sexual harassment in the workplace. These are – hostile work environment and quid pro quo.

In the quid pro quo method of sexual harassment, an employer manipulates sexual favors out of an employee in exchange for job promotions, benefits and other perks. A single occurrence is enough to qualify as quid pro quo harassment. Extended harassment of nature turns into conditions for a hostile work environment.

Hostile work environment is legally punishable when the conduct faced by the victim is unreciprocated, severe and lasts over a significant time period.

Fight Sexual Harassment At Work With Us

If you’ve been subject to quid pro quo or hostile work environment harassment, we can help you obtain compensation from the company. The company is liable to pay you for the damages caused to you. The company must admit its fault if it failed to take appropriate actions against the offender despite being informed. It can be held guilty for both quid pro quo harassment and aiding a hostile work environment if there were employment decisions like demoting/firing involved by a supervisor that it overlooked. The employer can only save itself from liability if it took immediate redemptive measures or offered to, but was turned down by the person facing the harassment. Document complaints against your harasser to company seniors for court evidence. Company retaliation is illegal, so you should have little to worry about. Consult our legal attorneys to validate your harassment claims before filing a civil lawsuit with us. You want to be sure you’re incriminating the right person or you could risk damaging a person’s future. Call us now at (831) 265-5551 to fix your appointment.

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