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A violent crime conviction can permanently alter the course of your life. There is a lot to lose. Do not answer any questions before calling the Law Office of John Klopfenstein. Our Salinas violent crimes lawyer has 27 years of criminal defense experience, including 15 years of experience as a former public defender. We fight to protect your rights from the initial questioning until your case is resolved.

If you have been accused of a violent crime, call (831) 265-5551 or contact us online for a free consultation from our Salinas violent crime defense lawyer.

Violent Crimes in California

Generally, violent crimes are offenses that involve on person inflicting, or threatening to cause, bodily harm to another person. For this reason, stealing financial information from a computer and identity theft are not violent crimes, but robbery is classified as a violent crime.

Some examples of violent crimes in California include:

  • Assault and battery

  • Robbery

  • Weapons charges

  • Carjacking

  • Attempted murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Murder

  • Kidnapping

  • Arson

  • Sex crimes

The penalties for conviction depend on the nature of the crime, but violent crimes carry the most severe legal consequences. When your freedom and future are in jeopardy, you need experienced legal representation from an attorney who has handled more than 10,000 cases, including a large number of violent crimes.

Helping You Avoid the Most Severe Consequences

Our Salinas violent crimes attorney focuses on the area of criminal defense and works to protect your rights and secure the most favorable outcome for every client. Aside from the very serious criminal penalties for violent crimes, a conviction can ruin future educational and career prospects, families, and reputations.

Individuals convicted of violent crimes may be facing:

  • A substantial jail or prison sentence

  • Large fines

  • Loss of professional licenses

  • Irreparable damage to your reputation

Attorney John Klopfenstein will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case, including the arrest, to determine if your Constitutional rights were violated. When possible, we seek to plea to a lesser charge or have the charges dismissed. As a former public defender, our criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the prosecutors and judges who will be handling your case. We handle the most serious cases, including homicide, and are not afraid to protecting our clients' rights and freedom at trial.

Call Us Before Answering Questions

There is never a more critical time to remember your Constitutional right to an attorney than when you are arrested or questioned in relation to a violent crime. You should invoke that right and call an attorney before making a statement or answering any questions. The police are interested in building a case and will use what you say to bolster their case against you. Do not help them. Contact our office for immediate assistance.

Our Salinas violent crimes lawyer understands that arrests for violent crimes happen at all hours of the day and night. We are available for consultations after hours and on weekends, so you always have the legal help you need. There is no charge for your initial consultations, and we have payment plans available to help you get the legal representation you deserve.

Contact our office today at (831) 265-5551 for skilled legal representation from a trusted local defense lawyer.

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