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Fearing Retaliation At Work? Don’t Worry

Have you filed a sexual harassment case against your manager and been keeping a low profile at the office ever since, afraid he might pose problems in your work responsibilities? Maybe you’ve called out the discriminatory hiring practice followed in your office which favors members of a certain ethnicity over another? It is normal to be scared of workplace retaliation. Although illegal, workplace retaliation is far more common than we’d like to admit. Our California based legal service – The Law Office of John Klopfenstein is prepared to help you out when you risk facing workplace retaliation after raising a complaint against workplace discrimination/harassment.

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Identify Workplace Retaliation

Workplace retaliation can occur in many forms – some overt, some covert. It may not be as direct as relieving you from your job responsibilities or handing you a demotion. You may also be passed up for a chance at obtaining a raise or being transferred to a job location of your choice. You may not be picked for mentorship programs and be made to miss out on important training and networking opportunities. You could face a change in job shift, your salary could undergo a reduction – myriad things could happen. If any of these negative changes take place as a result of your making a complaint against the company or is intended to discourage you from making one, it constitutes illegal retaliation. Workplace retaliation is prohibited when an employee makes a complaint internally or externally calling out workplace malpractices. Even if the allegations are proven false, the employee is protected from any reverse legal action.

If the employee in question helps out in a legal investigation or stands in as a witness for a litigation, he/she is still protected from adverse retaliation from their employer.

Workplace retaliation can be expressed in the form of exclusion from staff meetings, being micromanaged and receiving a poor performance review after lodging a complaint against the company you work for.

How To Deal With Workplace Retaliation

If you think you’re being subject to workplace retaliation, bring it to the notice of your office’s HR department. Allow them a chance to explain. Maybe there are legitimate reasons for their behavior and your suspicion is unfounded. The employer may be carrying out such behavior sub-consciously and perhaps needed to be made explicitly aware of this to correct his/her behavior. However, if the discriminatory behavior persists despite your raising this awareness, document this behavior. It will help your employment lawyer establish the case of workplace retaliation against your employer when he compares office behavior you were subject to before and after you made the complaint.

Our employment lawyers at The Law Office of John Klopfenstein will assess your claim for workplace retaliation and inform you how strong your case is. You will also be tipped off about how much compensation you can expect to receive for this unprofessional behavior. All you need to do is call (831) 265-5551 and fix yourself an appointment with us. We will make sure you don’t need to worry about doing the right thing at your workplace for fear of official retaliation.

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